Prayer, meditation, and . . . SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH?

Have you ever played a game called “Two Truths and a Lie?” Well, that’s not what this post is about. But have you every gone through an experience that made you feel closer to God? Now we’re talking. Prayer and meditation draw us closer to God. Poring over holy scripture reveals His heart and the things that matter to Him. But how could the conduct of scientific investigation into the interactions between cancer and the immune system be considered a religious activity? (By the way, I would define “religion” as a conglomerate of activities that reflect mankind’s desire to get closer to God. Religion is NOT God, and when we get the two mixed up, I think that’s when problems occur).

Anyway, how is scientific research a spiritual practice? I can answer for myself.

First of all, God created me and put within me a deep and lifelong desire to understand His creation, living and non-living. So when I do research, I am fulfilling one of His purposes for me. Have you ever experienced the pleasure of watching a loved one excitedly unwrap a present that you gave? Maybe that’s how God feels when I use what He’s given me. Secondly, everytime I learn something new about our bodies, I am amazed at our Creator. It’s like being far away from the city lights on a clear dark night, gazing up and seeing all the stars and our Milky Way (I’m breathless just writing about it). Thirdly, God gives me the scientific questions to ask. He’s given me enough to last a few lifetimes. In the Bible, a verse reads, God delights in concealing things; scientists delight in discovering things (Proverbs 25:2, MSG). Have you ever played peekaboo or hide and seek with an infant or kid? Fourthly, there are manifold ways to go about finding the answer to just one question. What better person to turn to for help, than the Creator of the universe and everything in it? God is like a parent who doesn’t mind giving a hint to a riddle posed to His young child. Fifthly, when I discover something new, I joyfully thank God because He was there with me through the whole journey. You can say that He even created the journey. He’s the ultimate “travel consultant.”

Some people think that God and science are incompatible. To me, they’re inseparable, and I’m glad.

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