A new photocopier

Some kids are no longer learning cursive. Will we really one day not write letters anymore? I guess if one wants to type everything and avoid handwriting, it is possible. Just emojis and LOLs. Maybe the same thing will happen to photocopiers and facsimile machines, but not in the world of nucleic acids.

PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction, and it’s akin to “photocopying” DNA. In Daniel 2:28, we use it to amplify or to make MANY copies of a specific part of the DNA. I’m talking about a billion or a trillion copies. Before you say, “How ridiculous is that?,” imagine a scene, in which all of the books in the Library of Congress, which houses the world’s largest literary collection, were “reorganized.” Let’s say someone had a “bright” idea and thought it would be eaiser to have just one BIG book, yeah, keep it simple. So ALL of the pages were removed from each book and combined into a single book. Yes, it would be about two miles thick and a bit unwieldy. Now we want to find page 23 of Le Voyage de Lourdes by Alexis Carrel. Actually, we don’t want all of page 23. We just want the 3rd sentence of the 2nd paragraph on page 23. So I take out my little device and program it to look for this unique sentence. The device goes to work all by itself and finds that one sentence, and then photocopies it a trillion times. Isn’t that an amazing machine? Now I can see the tall stack of photocopies even from the helicopter I was going to use to browse through the big book. And if that book had not been in the collection, or maybe it was but that specific sentence was cut out, then nothing would have been photocopied.

We just purchased a new real-time quantitative PCR machine, to help us detect whether or not specific parts of the DNA are present. We want to thank our supporters. We’re getting down to the letter with this machine, not just a sentence.

Thank you for your support!!

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