The battle against cancer

Sometimes being at the front lines of this battle affords an unique perspective. The radiologist may know what a cancer looks like on a mammogram. The pathologist may know what a cancer looks like under a microscope. The oncologist may know the best chemotherapy agent to give for a certain cancer type. But only the surgeon tangibly ecounters the cancer in all its ugliness, invading into surrounding organs, spreading to nearby lymph nodes. Only the surgeon’s hands touch and feel the hardness and weight of the cancer, and delicately locates and severs the blood vessels that feed the cancer. These abundant experiences frequently drive the questions, that lead to specific experiments, that hopefully will one day lead to a cure that can be brought back to the operating room and clinics. It is with this surgeon’s perspective that research is carried out in Daniel 2:28.

Lynn Chang operating in Curahuassi, Peru

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