It all started in a garage …

What’s in your garage? Back in 2012, NEXT to the garage (not quite in it) was a basement room that my wife used to homeschool our two young daughters. I was busy operating on patients, many of whom had cancer, and yet I was getting the “itch” to get back into research. I didn’t feel like I was making much of a dent in the “cancer problem,” and the long queue of patients needing cancer surgery wasn’t getting any shorter. One of my mentors had once told me, “if you treat one patient, you help one patient. But if you discover a cure for a disease, you help countless patients.” I wanted to help countless patients. Then my wife had a crazy idea. You can guess what happened next (if not, look in the photo). Apparently, many other interesting things started in the garage.

Photo credit (cluttered garage): http://Photo credit of cluttered garage:

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