God Always Provides

Two weeks ago, I thought Daniel 2:28, Inc was going to have to close its doors and call an end to its research activities. I had just phoned into our usual supplier of lab mice, “Hello, I’d like to order 10 mice.” The lady over the phone replied, “Oh, sorry, we’re not selling mice anymore.” She said it so calmly. I tried to confirm that this was just a brief temporary situation. Then she proceeded to tell me that the company actually almost shut down, but instead decided to downsize by getting rid of its mouse colony and stay in business. “We couldn’t stand the smell,” she added. I asked God, “Is this it? No more Daniel 2:28, Inc.? No more cancer research?”

I was reminded of Joseph in the Old Testament who was sold by his 10 older brothers to some merchants traveling to Egypt. Joseph became a slave, but God elevated him by several miraculous circumstances to become the most powerful man in Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. Joseph ultimately saved his family from a famine, and told his guilt-stricken brothers that what they had intended for harm, God had intended for the survival of their family, which eventually grew into the nation of Israel.

My wife and I prayed fervently. God brought to mind that only four months prior, I had a met a laboratory animal veterinarian. It was a very unexpected encounter, and I kept her contact info. I had a strange feeling that I might need her one day. I called her, and she came to visit the lab, and she gave it “two thumbs up,” and now Daniel 2:28 has an attending veterinarian.

Galina Kosikova, D.V.M.

Now, to understand how awesome this is, you need to know that we had tried very hard to hire a veterinarian years earlier when Daniel 2:28 had just started. I had spoken to the few ones I could find, and they wouldn’t even visit. “Animal research in the basement of your house?! No thank you!” What seemed like the end for Daniel 2:28, actually ended up being the fulfillment of a long-standing big wish.

I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever. Every day I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.
Psalm 145:1-2

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