Mille mercis

This post is intended for all of you out there who continue to support Daniel 2:28, Inc. This little entity was incorporated in 2015, and its research activities have been ongoing for seven years, since 2012.

I want to thank God for being the “fuel behind the fire.” He created me curious, and He has opened every door to allow the full expression of what He’s given me.

I thank my wife, Pamela, who believes in me, even when my interests and passions are not always understood. I can’t adequately describe how blessed I am to have a wife who has so much faith in me. I thank my daughters, Grace and Joy, for taking an interest in the work and also believing in their Dad, trusting that he knows what he’s doing and that he’s not a mad scientist.

Thanks to my best friend Jasper and my wife Pamela, without whom it would not have been possible to form this nonprofit corporation (California requires a minimum of threee board members for a corporation to exist). They also give of their scarce time and precious leftover energy to attend board meetings and engage in business discussions.

The list goes on . . .

Scientific colleagues who walk alongside and provide the vitally essential intellectual discourse and idea-birthing discussions: Maricela Prado, Dipak Panigrahy, Sui Huang, and Victor Tse.

Friends and family (especially my Mom) who have supported Daniel 2:28, Inc, through prayer, monetary donations, interest, encouragement, and simply believing in the mission of the organization.

The mice who selflessly sacrifice their lives for the benefit of humankind. I honor and admire each one, and humbly acknowledge their precious contribution.

My job that compensates financially more than enough to allow me to keep the two separate: the conduct of scientific investigation and the provision for my family. (By the way, Jasper and Pam are also voluntary, uncompensated board members).

Finally I want to give God thanks again for miraculously providing for every research need of Daniel 2:28, Inc., equipment, permits, instruments, materials, financial resources, inspiration, questions, ideas, revelation. The other day, I almost fell to my knees, thanking God and being overwhelmed by how He has provided so extravagently everything that is needed to answer the profound scientific questions we have in cancer immunology.

To all of you, “mille mercis” – a thousand thanks!!

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