Scientists and physicians have been trying to create a cancer vaccine for decades, and not one has shown enough efficacy to gain FDA-approval. The seach for the “holy grail” continues to this day. One major obstacle has been the difficulty in distinguishing cancer cells from non-cancer cells. Sure, they are clearly different in behavior – one kills, and the other doesn’t. But our immune system can only see what’s on the “cover.” Yes, you can say that immune cells have an unfortunate tendency of judging the book by its cover. Since cancer cells always originate from normal cells, they look pretty close. They aren’t like viruses or bacteria which are and look totally foreign. And just in case, an immune cell does realize an imposter cancer cell is present, well, then there are seemingly endless mechanisms by which the cancer cell disables the immune cells. Daniel 2:28 has been working with another scientist nearby, who has a novel approach to making it clear to the immune system that a cancer is present. We will be testing it out in mice with cancer, this year. Stay tuned.